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The Personal Side of the Team – Beyond Transactions


The strength of the Right Fit Realty Team in the real estate market is not just due to their professional expertise but also the rich and diverse personal lives of its members. Co-owners of the Right Fit Team, Jennifer Powell Christoff, Kayli Michels, and Brand Expert Kelly Kraemer Soares, along with each member of the brand, bring a unique blend of passions, hobbies, and life experiences that add depth and dimension to their team dynamics.

Jennifer's World Outside Real Estate

A Love for Travel and Nature

Jennifer's passion for travel and nature takes her to serene places like being by the water, congrating around campfires and being among wildlife with friends and family where she builds lasting memories. She values the rejuvenation that comes from being outdoors…

Creative Pursuits

Creativity is a constant in Jennifer's life, whether it's in home design, home renovation, cooking or fashion. Her open-minded approach to learning and embracing new experiences enriches her professional and personal life.

Influences and Traditions

Books about personal growth, mindset, the law of attraction and health significantly shape Jennifer's outlook. She cherishes learning, opening her mind to different perspectives and enjoys traditions like visiting her family river houses, unwinding with sushi nights with friends, family moments, and personal retreats to the spa.

Kayli's Personal Interests

Family Time and Social Gatherings

Kayli finds joy in spending time and vacationing with her family and enjoying wine nights with friends. Her love for true stories in books and movies reflects her desire to learn from others' experiences.

Unique Quirks

An intriguing fact about Kayli is her preference for even numbers, showing a fascinating aspect of her personality.

Local Explorations and Traditions

Kayli loves exploring new places with her family, especially local wineries and breweries. Her family traditions, like special Christmas Eve activities, hold a special place in her heart.

Kelly's Life Beyond Work

Family and Travel

For Kelly, family and traveling are sources of immense happiness. Her dream of owning a bridal salon reveals a hidden entrepreneurial spirit.

Simple Pleasures

Kelly enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like relaxing with TV shows and spending sunny days outside, as well as Friday nights with family pizza.

Beach Dreams and Relaxation

As a beach vacation fanatic, Kelly dreams of visiting the Maldives. Her ideal unwind after a busy week involves a TV, and the comfort of her couch.


The personal lives of Jennifer, Kayli, Kelly and the members of the Right Fit Team Realty brand, beautifully intertwine with their professional personas, adding layers of depth to the Right Fit Realty Team. Their diverse interests and passions not only enrich their individual lives but also bring a unique vibrancy to their team dynamics. Whether it’s through Jennifer’s creative flair, Kayli’s dedication to family and balance, or Kelly’s love for travel and simple joys, each member contributes to creating a team that is grounded, well-rounded, and genuinely connected. This personal side of the Right Fit Realty Team goes beyond transactions, forming the very foundation of their success and the strong, empathetic relationships they build with their clients.

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