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Client Spotlight: Client Spotlight: Tracey Barrett – Where Passion Meets Real Estate


Tracey Barrett's 11-year journey in real estate stands as a testament to the profound impact of mentorship, the power of a supportive team, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Inspired by her mother-in-law, Ingrid, Tracey transitioned to leading the innovative FOCUS on NoVA Real Estate team, blending inspiration, dedication, and a knack for personalizing the real estate journey for each client. Her passion for the job and the satisfaction derived from solving problems have been cornerstones of her career.

The Genesis of a Real Estate Passion

"Ingrid thought I'd be an asset to her business. She was right!" Tracey shares, reflecting on the serendipitous start of her real estate career. Her transition from clinical research nursing  to real estate wasn't just a career change; it was a leap into a passion that allowed Ingrid the freedom to enjoy the "fun things” in real estate,, leaving Tracey to tackle the "issues" with a smile.

Creating the FOCUS on NoVA Real Estate Team

The FOCUS on NoVA Real Estate team, stands out as an all-woman powerhouse in the industry. "We lift each other up, support one another, and collaborate on all things real estate," Tracey explains. This team is a bit like the "Justice League," where collaboration and mutual support provide a comprehensive service to clients, making Tracey and her team their go-to superheroes.

Dispensing Wisdom: Tracey's Advice to Clients

Tracey's guidance for buyers and sellers is rooted in patience, trust, and data-driven decisions. She believes in educating her clients to ensure they make informed decisions, thereby maximizing their investment and achieving their real estate goals. "Trust our process and the right property will come along," she advises buyers, while encouraging sellers to "trust our experience" and seek substantiation through data.

Celebrating Success

For Tracey, the real joy comes from helping clients achieve their dreams, which she considers her "number 1" achievement. Close on its heels is her team's distinction as a multi-year Century 21 President’s Award Quality Service Pinnacle Status  a testament to their unwavering excellence and diligence. "The mentorship from our matriarch, Ingrid, and the grit from our team members is no fluke," Tracey states proudly.

The Measure of True Success

For Tracey, success isn't merely about financial rewards; it's deeply rooted in the happiness and fulfillment her clients feel. "While we all need to bring home a paycheck, that's not the goal," she candidly shares. "Success is when your client completes their transaction, overflowing with joy from the experience, eager to share it with friends, family, and acquaintances." Tracey emphasizes the essence of success: creating memorable experiences that transform clients into lifelong advocates and connectors. "We thrive on referrals; thus, how we serve our clients and who they choose to work with truly matters."

Life Beyond the Closing Table

Outside the hustle of real estate, Tracey Barrett seeks equilibrium and joy in practices that enrich her spirit and body. Her recent venture into yoga at Wheelhouse Yoga in Clifton has become more than a routine; it's a passion. "I'm a little bit obsessed," she laughs, finding that yoga not only steadies her physically but also anchors her, providing a profound sense of grounding amidst her busy life.

When the opportunity arises to escape the daily grind, Tracey retreats to her family's Rivah house on the Virginia middle peninsula, a sanctuary where time seems to stand still, and life's simplest pleasures are magnified. On evenings when the Rivah house is a dream too distant, she finds solace in her home's deck, surrounded by family and neighbors, basking in the communal warmth these gatherings bring.

At the heart of Tracey's world are her two sons, her husband, Eric, and Sonny Jurgenson, her 10 1/2-year-old beagle mix, who embodies the essence of unconditional love. Tracey's life is also deeply enriched by cherished family traditions, notably the German Christmas Eve celebration with her husband's family. The night is illuminated by the love shared over traditional spaetzle with filet mignon and ox tail gravy, a testament to the importance of roots and togetherness.

Tracey harbors a dream to explore America's National Parks, envisioning a journey filled with awe at nature's wonders alongside her husband and Sonny. Her adventurous spirit doesn't stop at travel; it extends to her culinary ventures, where she embraces a wide array of flavors with enthusiasm—sea urchin being the sole exception. Locally, she is an advocate for the diverse experiences her area offers, from cuisine to culture, always ready to recommend the perfect spot to clients, friends, and family.

Through yoga, family traditions, and her zest for exploration and culinary adventures, Tracey's personal life enriches her professional endeavors. It's this blend of passion, community involvement, and the pursuit of joy that not only defines her as a real estate agent but also as a person who lives life to the fullest, embracing every moment with an open heart and an adventurous spirit.

The Roller Coaster of Real Estate

Reflecting on her career, Tracey doesn't pinpoint a single proudest moment but rather finds joy in the journey's ups and downs. Ingrid's lesson to "revel in the small moments" has taught Tracey to cherish every win, big or small, making the real estate profession an exhilarating adventure.

Looking Forward: Goals and Aspirations

As Tracey looks to the future, she aims to continue the team's legacy of success, supporting both her clients' dreams and her team's well-being. "Together we support time off for fun, sadness, relaxation, and celebration," she envisions, hoping to maintain this balance for years to come.

The Scalable Partnership: A Game Changer

Tracey Barrett's partnership with Scalable has revolutionized her approach to real estate, allowing her the freedom to delegate essential tasks. "It's a game changer," she explains, highlighting how this collaboration gives her back, on average, 8 hours each week. This extra time is now invested in areas where her unique touch makes a significant difference, amplifying the uniqueness of her business. "Partnering with Scalable allowed me to actually DELEGATE responsibility to a totally capable person," Tracey reflects, emphasizing the transformative effect on her workflow and client interactions.

The benefits of working with Scalable extend beyond operational efficiencies, directly impacting client satisfaction through improved communication and attention to detail. Tracey shares, "The small successes are when my clients remark and thank Christine (Scalable) for what a great job we did communicating." This frequent client feedback underscores the seamless experience her team provides. Moreover, Tracey points out the critical role of meticulous oversight in their success, "Christine ensures that no numbers are missed, documents missing, or signatures forgotten," guaranteeing flawless transactions. This commitment to excellence defines the trust and reliability Tracey's clients have come to expect, marking every transaction as a testament to the power of effective collaboration.

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