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Team Collaboration – Synergy and Success


The Right Fit Realty Team, led by co-founders Kayli Michels and Jennifer Powell Christoff, along with Brand Expert Kelly Kraemer Soares and the additional members of the Right Fit Realty Team, stands as a paragon of collaborative success in the real estate industry. Their shared dedication, diverse strengths, and unwavering commitment to their clients and each other have forged a formidable force in the market. This article explores the essence of their teamwork and how it translates into exceptional service and results.

Seamless Team Dynamics

Diverse Strengths for Comprehensive Service

Jennifer and Kayli have fostered a team where each member's unique abilities contribute significantly. From client outreach and marketing to property research, data analysis, and system implementation, each role is pivotal. Their diverse skills, including home staging certification, interior design, pricing strategy, and negotiation expertise, ensure a comprehensive service to clients.

A Culture of Support and Growth

Kayli emphasizes creating an environment where thinking bigger and continuous improvement are the norms. Jennifer complements this by setting a positive environment and focusing on mindset and action. Kelly's natural communication skills and her ability to support the team's mission and vision exemplify the collaborative spirit that underpins their success.

Collaboration in Action

Key Instances of Teamwork

Kelly shares a memorable instance where the team's quick collaboration led to a successful transaction. During her first transaction, when she was unavailable for a critical negotiation, Kayli immediately stepped in, ensuring a seamless continuation of the process. This incident highlights the team's synchronized approach, where each member is ready to support the other, ensuring no client is ever left wanting.

Collective Approach to Client Satisfaction

Jennifer recounts a scenario where teamwork led to winning an offer due to their fast and coordinated response. The team's approach extends beyond transactions; they focus on educating clients, practicing mock offers, and even celebrating clients' milestones, like housewarming parties. This collective approach not only enhances client experiences but also solidifies their reputation in the industry.

Growth and Accomplishments

Individual and Team Development

Being part of this team has significantly contributed to each member's professional growth. Kayli's vision for personal development and Jennifer's focus on mindset and action have nurtured a team that not only excels in real estate but also enjoys their work. Kelly's experience is a testament to this, where she has grown immensely through active participation in client interactions and team discussions.

Significant Team Achievements

The team takes pride in their significant accomplishments, notably maintaining a consistent 5-star review rating from every client. This achievement reflects their dedication to quality and client satisfaction. A challenging case where they navigated a significant contract mistake demonstrates their integrity and ability to turn challenges into triumphs.


The Right Fit Realty Team exemplifies how collaboration, combined with individual strengths and a shared vision, can lead to unparalleled success in real estate. Their synergy, commitment to client satisfaction, and focus on continuous growth have not only made them a force in the industry but also a model of what teamwork can achieve. In the words of Kayli, "Teamwork makes the dream work," and this team is a living embodiment of that philosophy.

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