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RGS Title COVID-19 Update

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Recent Update from RGS Arlington:

In light of the current Stay at Home Order in place in Virginia, and in order to minimize unnecessary contact as much as possible, we are now conducting signings outside of our office. To facilitate this “new normal”, when possible, we will be sending you copies of the documents you will be signing ahead of time so you will have a chance to review them and ask questions you may have prior to coming to sign (please email questions to our attorney, Russell Adams

We ask that you email us copies of you ID’s (drivers licenses and/or passports) and call us when you arrive at our office and we will bring the documents and a new sterilized pen out to you in your car. Alternatively, weather permitting, we will have a table and chairs set up outside of our office door where you can sign the documents. Once your signing is complete we will collect the documents from you and confirm all are signed correctly, at which time you will be free to go.

We understand that this is not ideal and is not the experience in buying, selling or refinancing that we like to provide our clients, but your and your family’s health is paramount to us so it is best way to proceed given the current climate. We remain open for business and available to you via email, phone, text, etc. We are all in this together and ask for your understanding and cooperation during this trying time.

Please stay safe and healthy.

CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE—PLEASE READ: Due to the current international health care crisis, kindly note that only buyer(s)/seller(s)/borrower(s) may attend closing. We respectfully ask that real estate agents, loan officers, family members (including children) and other individuals refrain from entering our office for any reason until further notice. Furthermore, without advanced notice, our team may elect to work remotely if the situation warrants. We appreciate your patience during this time period, as we strive to protect you, your clients and our team while offering a highest level of service possible.

From RGS Old Town Alexandria:

We encourage signature through use of a remote/mobile notary service or eNotary (only available for sellers if approved for your transaction), however, if you wish to travel to our office for settlement, keep in mind, for the protection of our team and our clients, we no longer allow non-employees to physically enter our office. 

  • We will place your closing package in an envelope on a table outside the front doors of our office on the third floor of our building immediately prior to your scheduled signing time. 

  • The documents will be highlighted on the signature lines to reflect where you will need to sign and/or initial. 

  • Please show your ID upon arrival at our suite door. 

  • We will witness your signature through our front door as you execute the documents. 

  • Once you complete the signing of all documents, place the closing package back into the envelope, and we will collect it upon your departure. 

  • We will immediately review the documents to confirm that no signatures were missed and will call you immediately to confirm everything was completed appropriately. We will make pens available but ask that you take the pen with you once you finish signing. You may bring your own pen, but note that you must sign in BLUE ink.

To facilitate this “new normal”, we will send you copies of the closing documents (once available from the lender) prior to your scheduled closing time so you will have a chance to review them and ask questions prior to signing.  Please send a copy of your ID (drivers licenses and/or passports) by email prior to coming in to sign documents.

We recognize that this “new normal” is not ideal, but we respectfully request your patience and understanding as we deliver the best customer service possible in light of the circumstances.   Please know that we remain open for business and available to you via email, phone, text, etc. We remain committed to supporting the safety and well-being of our customers, staff and the public as we continue to navigate through this together.

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