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Diverse Backgrounds, Unified Vision: The Unique Journeys of Checkmate Group's Team

In the bustling world of real estate, the rich tapestry of experiences and backgrounds can be just as diverse as the properties themselves. The Checkmate Group stands as a testament to this diversity, each team member bringing a unique flair and perspective to the fore.

Samantha Haberlach: Samantha "Sam" Haberlach: A paragon of military precision and strategic prowess, Sam boasts a 29-year career that spans military leadership and corporate strategy, seamlessly dovetailing into her 26-year saga in real estate investing. She is the strategist, the planner, the navigator of complex real estate transactions, ensuring a seamless, stress-free experience for her clients. No matter the destination, her strategic acumen, coupled with military discipline, stands as a bulwark for those looking to navigate the real estate market.

Ron Lenz: Ron's mix of military discipline and leadership coaching, coupled with experiences from reviving a company in 18 months to his time with McDonald’s, displays his diverse skill set, making him integral to the Checkmate Group. His passion for leadership coaching has also been a valuable addition to the Checkmate Group, fostering strong team dynamics and client relationships.

Russ Conners: Embarking upon his career with an innate managerial flair, Russ has always been at the confluence of knowledge and execution. Merging his military discipline with real estate dynamics, seasoned broker Russ ensures Checkmate Group remains innovative, bridging the gap between tradition and modern solutions.

Fabricio Almeida: Fabricio, from Brazil, masterfully blends global insights with local market nuances, making his transition from Brazil to the US a tale of adaptability and continuous growth.

AnaMaria Galindo: With nearly two decades in real estate coupled with a graphic design background, AnaMaria Galindo is more than just a realtor; she's a passionate advocate for her clients' real estate dreams. Her focus on ensuring the best possible experience is rooted in her attention to detail, making her an invaluable asset to the Checkmate Group and her clients.

Steve Bleifield: Steve, with his military background, exudes discipline and commitment. He's always learning, evolving, and making every client feel valued.

Riley Bloomer: Riley, the youngest member, combines youthful zest with deep insight. Her versatility, from event planning to artistic contributions, makes her a vital asset to the team.

Bo & Anuzia: Bo's journey from the Air Force, through civil engineering to real estate, was influenced by his desire for autonomy and his mother's footsteps in the field. Meanwhile, Anuzia, with her psychology and HR background, found her unexpected passion for real estate, using her skills to connect deeply with clients.Together, they are more than a team; they are a symphony of expertise, celebrating each milestone with a shared passion for real estate and client success.

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