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DCAR COVID-19 Update

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

DC Mayor updates FAQ guidance on house showings

Last weekend, DCAR shared with you an FAQ issued by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser providing guidance on the essential activities of real estate under her Executive Order. That FAQ was updated today to indicate that “showing a home to one potential buyer is acceptable.”

DC clarification on real estate servicesDC Mayor Muriel Bowser has added two FAQs to her stay-at-home order, which was issued last week. These FAQs provide clarification on real estate-related activities.Q: My company provides real estate home inspection services and mold testing services; may we continue to operate?

A: Yes, as you are supporting essential businesses and residences. When you operate, you should have the minimum number of people onsite and practice social distancing.Q: If I own an appraisal company that supports home sales, can I continue to operate?

A: The appraisal industry for home sales may continue to operate as financial and professional services supporting the operation of residences and essential businesses. All activities should be conducted in a way to minimize risk, and offices should move to telework or have the minimal number of persons present to handle an appraisal.  

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