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🌟 Client Spotlight: Suzanne Parisi 🌟

Meet Suzanne Parisi, an empathetic real estate agent with Century 21 Redwood, who's been guiding homebuyers and sellers for the past 18 years with a caring touch. Our research in the MLS shows that Suzanne has closed a remarkable 328 transactions since 2007. Suzanne's partnership with Scalable began in March 2019, contributing to a phenomenal 69% increase in transactions from 2018 to 2019. We couldn't be prouder to support Suzanne as she continues to grow and inspire others in the real estate world.

Her Transaction Coordinator, Alison, says: "Suzanne is superwoman! She is detail-oriented and attentive all while handling an insane amount of volume."

We recently sat down with Suzanne to discover more about her love for real estate, her approach to connecting with her clients, and the highlights of her partnership with Scalable.

Here's what she shared:

What is your favorite part about working in real estate? "Planning the marketing. It is satisfying to see the property transformed as it is preparing to go on the market. I also enjoy going on the hunt with my buyers to find the 'right' house. It is so gratifying to go to settlement with my sellers or my buyers and experiencing them reaching their goals."

What is something unique about your approach to real estate that you'd like others to know? "Empathy. I truly care! To a fault. I put my clients' timing and needs above my own. It drives my family crazy."

How do you approach building relationships with your clients? "I honestly put my clients' goals above mine. I am never pushy and try really hard to explain the potential outcomes to my clients whether good or bad."

Can you share a favorite memory or milestone from your career so far? "My best year in Real Estate was 2022. I am trying to hit that volume again."

What's your secret to staying motivated and focused, especially during trying times? "My secret is knowing I need to pay my bills in the future! I also know when business slows down it is a great time to plan future marketing or take on some new education to make my business better. There is never downtime."

How do you give back to your community, and why is that important to you? "I am active with the local food pantry. The South Lakes Food Pantry benefits the community where we live and where I do most of my business."

Can you share a memorable transaction or success story from working with Scalable? "Alison took maternity leave and business with Scalable went smoothly. Although I did miss Alison's personal touch."

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your insights and compassion with us, and for your dedicated partnership with Scalable. Keep shining in the real estate world! 🏠✨

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