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🌟 Client Spotlight: Lucia Mendoza 🌟

🌟 Meet the inspiring Lucia Mendoza with KW United! Lucia boasts an impressive 11 years in the real estate industry, with the last three dedicated to full-time commitment. Her passion and drive have been evident in her consistent achievements. Since partnering with Scalable in April 2022, Lucia closed an impressive 20 transactions in that year alone. And 2023 is already promising to surpass that, with 14 transactions year-to-date and counting. Join us as we dive deep into Lucia's journey, her inspirations, and her unique approach to real estate!

Here's what her dedicated TC has to say: Having the opportunity to work with Lucia has been an absolute blessing. She is tirelessly advocating for her clients and watching her go the extra mile not only helps to motivate me but also allows me to incorporate that into my own business. Not many agents are able to stay calm and focused on the big picture. Even when put in tough situations Lucia is always able to de-escalate situations and protect her clients at all costs. She made it a point this year to grow her social media presence and in short order now has some of the best content in her office and her business has steadily grown as a result of it.

1️⃣ The Reward of Real Estate For Lucia, every real estate journey is a unique story with its own challenges and goals. She finds immense joy in playing a pivotal role in these narratives. "I get to help clients make their dreams come true. Each time it's a different story, a unique challenge, a distinct goal. I'm a part of some of the most intimate decisions in my clients' lives, and seeing their happiness is almost like an instant reward," Lucia shared. Whether it's watching investors build their net worth or contributing to a family's legacy, Lucia cherishes every moment.

2️⃣ A Unique Approach Lucia's professional background is a testament to her commitment and passion. Having spent over a decade in a big 4 public accounting firm, she prides herself on delivering next-level customer service. "I come from a finance background. I approach every transaction, asking, 'Is this a sound investment?' 'Are we looking in the right area?'. I believe I offer a more well-rounded and in-depth experience than your standard agent." Quality and customer service are at the forefront of Lucia's work, and as a real estate investor herself, she knows her numbers and always has her goals in sight.

3️⃣ Building Trust When asked about her approach to building relationships, Lucia emphasized honesty and value. "I'm not here to sell them anything. I see myself as their economist of choice. I provide the information, interpret it, and they make the decisions."

4️⃣ A Heartfelt Memory Lucia holds dear to her heart the memory of assisting an elderly couple navigating the complexities of change. Faced with the monumental decision of transitioning to an assisted living home after a quarter-century in their residence, they reached out to Lucia for guidance. But Lucia's role swiftly evolved from just a real estate agent to someone the couple came to regard as one of their own children.

Lucia would make personal visits, not just for paperwork, but to help them pack and organize. One of the couple's primary concerns was the vast collection of books the wife had amassed over the years. These weren't just any books; they were treasured keepsakes, and the idea of them haphazardly dispersed was distressing. Recognizing the significance, Lucia painstakingly researched to find the right places where the books would be valued and cherished, ensuring they found worthy new homes. Through Lucia's diligence, their house was listed and astonishingly sold for $25k above the asking price in merely a weekend.

The story, however, takes a deeper emotional turn. Two weeks post-closing, Lucia visited the couple in their new assisted living abode. During this visit, the husband confided in Lucia, expressing his profound relief and gratitude for making the process smooth and largely stress-free. He mentioned the peace of mind he had attained, knowing his wife was financially secure and in a living situation tailored to their needs, like single-level living. His words resonated deeply with Lucia, making their earlier interactions all the more meaningful. Heartbreakingly, just two weeks after this poignant conversation, Lucia learned of the husband's passing.

His primary wish had been the well-being and comfort of his wife, and thanks to Lucia, he was able to witness that dream fulfilled before his departure.

5️⃣ Staying Motivated Lucia recognizes the high demands and intensity of her profession. To ensure she's consistently performing at her best, she's devised a unique rhythm to maintain her passion and drive. "Once a month, I deliberately take a day off. This isn't just a break; it's a day dedicated entirely to myself. It serves as a crucial reset, allowing me to regroup and recharge. With the emotional and physical demands of real estate, this one day becomes a sanctuary for my well-being. I always operate at 200%, so these moments of respite are not just restorative—they're essential."

She further emphasizes the importance of balance, "It's not just about the monthly breaks. Every quarter, I make it a point to go on mini-vacations, whether it's with my husband, family, or kids. These getaways ensure I'm also investing in my relationships and spending quality time with those who matter most. It's a beautiful way to blend my personal rejuvenation with strengthening bonds."

6️⃣ Giving Back : Lucia is deeply embedded in her community. Not only does she volunteer at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, but she's also made it her mission to educate young Latina girls about financial management, teaching them crucial skills like budgeting. Lucia's dedication extends to her business as well; every month, "Homes by Lucia" hosts an event dedicated to giving back to their community. These events range from free seminars on topics of community interest, where specialists are brought in to share their expertise, to generous giveaways. Recently, Lucia has further amplified her commitment by getting involved with Latinos Leading Tomorrow, highlighting her unwavering dedication to fostering community development.

7️⃣ Working with Scalable

Lucia's collaboration with Scalable, and specifically with Kyle, has been transformational for her real estate journey. In a profession where the stakes are high and every detail matters, having a dependable partner is crucial. Kyle, in particular, has been a bedrock of support for Lucia. She reflects, "There are moments when I feel on the brink, especially as my 'day off' approaches, when everything seems on the verge of chaos. That's when Kyle steps in. His calm demeanor and meticulous attention to detail have been a godsend."

One of the standout qualities she appreciates about Kyle is his proactive nature. "He's always a step ahead," Lucia says. "Be it a looming contingency or an upcoming deadline, I get timely reminders via email or text. It's not just about getting things done; it's about getting them done right."

But it isn’t just Kyle's work ethic that stands out. Lucia recalls a particular conversation where he took the time to compliment her on the professional appearance of her social media, knowing it was one of her personal goals. It highlighted for her that Kyle truly listens, and genuinely cares. He’s there not only as a professional counterpart but also as someone who takes the time to acknowledge and appreciate Lucia's efforts.

The dynamic between them is truly synergetic. Lucia mentions, "Being a perfectionist and a high achiever, I've always been quite particular. It's rare for me to delegate, but with Kyle, I can forward an email or text with complete trust. Not only does he meet my expectations, but he consistently exceeds them. And in our line of work, that's a distinction that truly matters."

✨ Lucia Mendoza, your dedication and passion for real estate are evident in every story and interaction. We're honored to spotlight your incredible journey. 🏡

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