Licensed Transaction Coordinator



Mathew has been with The Virtual Advantage powered by ScalableRES for two years now (back when they were separate companies!) He is a licensed transaction coordinator in Virginia. Mathew has a passion for real estate and is very detail oriented. He is constantly updating his co-workers on the changes in the industry and sharing tips and tricks to help our clients.


Before working from home as a TC, Mathew comes from the fast-paced world of Corporate America. He achieved a Masters in Real Estate Finance from NYU and then began Real Estate financial reporting for large companies. Mathew decided he needed to change his life and be available for his family. Being a work-from-home transaction coordinator allowed him to do this while still working in an industry he loves and excels in. He hopes to continue to grow his business, so he never has to go back to the corporate world. Mathew says this job has changed his life in every sense of the word.


Mathew lives with his wife and their dog, Aikman. He is inspired by his parents and godmother. He proudly exclaims he will always do what’s best for his family as they are what’s most important in his life. For fun, Mathew enjoys Topgolf, bowling, skiing, BBQ, board games and open houses.  


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