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Listings Manager



Katherine is responsible for our team's listings and overseeing the listings team. Everything from a standard listing to a large, customized package. She joined Scalable because of the flexible schedule and work/life balance. She met our CEO, Alicia, while being a member of her real estate team in Virginia, then after moving away, Katherine was able to join Alicia on the adventure virtually! 

Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management, shortly after graduating she joined the world of real estate. She started as a buyer agent and transitioned to an ISA, listing coordinator and listing marketer. She enjoys working on listings because she likes detail-oriented projects and checking off her task lists. Additionally, Katherine is very creative and gets to exercise some of that creativity on her clients' listings. 

The aforementioned work/life balance is very important to Katherine as she is a mommy to two young children. She spends her days with her kids doing activities, crafts, play dates, and outings. Katherine also like spending time with her husband, Sean, baking, and reading. They also have an adorable dog. Scalable has allowed her to work and maintain a sense of self while being a full-time mom.