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Katherine founded The Virtual Advantage in 2007 and merged with ScalableRES in 2019. She manages the financial arm of the company as well as the listings team - she enjoys the complexity and day-to-day “management of chaos.” 

Katherine graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1999. She started as an office administrator, then held various Director of Operations positions before starting her own TC company. She is proud to have longevity within the business and is excited to see where this company goes. She said her goal is to “take over the TC world!” Despite being in the Real Estate business for 20+ years she says she still learns something new every day. Although the process is relatively the same, every transaction is different, and that’s what she loves about this industry.

When she is not managing a transaction Katherine can be found spending time with her husband, their two children and her dog. Her family is the most important thing, and this company and business allow her to spend more time with her kids. She hopes to become a foster parent some day and participate in more volunteer work in the coming year.

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