VP of Business Development



Jillian, is our business developer and is responsible for all things client and lead care. This includes maintaining and creating relationships with current and potential clients, performing market research to identify and establish new opportunities, sharing our products and services with potential clients, and discussing potential or current client needs. Jillian was attracted to Scalable as she was looking for a place to learn and grow, while "using her brain." 

Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, shortly after graduating she formed her own company nannying and offering home services. After exploring other leadership positions, Jillian found a niche in new home sales. After the onset of COVID, Jillian looked for a place where she can have a true work-life balance, from home, and found Scalable.

Work/life balance is a trend here at Scalable. Jillian wants to be a role model for her kids and show them what it looks like to "come from nothing to having it all." Jillian states her has always pushed her to reach her full potential, even when she couldn't see it - and we'd like to thank him for that! In addition to her kids and husband, Jillian praises her dog, Snoop, for being her rock through it all.

We would also like to point out, that yes, although Jillian is from England, she does not, in fact, know the queen.